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"The first quality in a picture is to be a delight for the eyes. This does not mean there need to be no sense in it; it is like poetry which, if it offended the ear, all the sense in the world will not save it from being bad."
Eugène Delacroix

The words of the romantic painter, quoted by Iain Faulkner himself are the most comprehensive synthesis of the artist’s approach to art.

In these new paintings, we see the return of what, since early 2005, has become the characteristic trademark of Iain Faulkner’s work, recognizable to collectors and art lovers alike; a solitary figure clad in his familiar white shirt and braces, which again finds itself in front of expanses of water or seemingly endless highland vistas. what at first sight appears to be a beautifully stylized observation of contemporary lifestyle is in fact deeply rooted in the european artistic tradition, in particular the romantic movement.

Faulkner’s love of sweeping desolate landscapes, where his figures take refuge from the modern world echoes the notion of sublime as defined in 1757 by Edmund Burke: “the passion caused by the great and sublime in nature, when those causes operate most powerfully, is astonishment; and astonishment is that state of the soul, in which all its motions are suspended, with some degree of horror.” The protagonist of Faulkner’s paintings – an idealisation of the painter himself – appears lost in the vastness of nature. he, nevertheless, has not simply been placed there but has clearly made his way there by choice.

The composition becomes a pretext to meditate and question one’s relationship with materialistic society as well as a newly discovered appreciation of spirituality. To continue the parallel with delacroix, “a picture is nothing but a bridge between the soul of the artist and that of the spectator”.

Classic cars and vintage boats, far from being simple means of transportation assume a new identity. they are a constant reminder of the times we live in and how mechanisation has changed and reshaped the world: their vintage character bestows on them a distinctive aura, which is extended to the composition as a whole.

Comments :
Another recurring theme in Iain Faulkner’s practice is reflection. he is interested in the study of the optical effects of colour, light and refraction in a body of water. His distinctiveuse of light, which often comes from behind the figures, create atmospheric shadows and facilitate the modeling of his characters against awe-inspiring natural backdrops.

exhibitions :


Zoom San Francisco Morning, 2018

San Francisco Morning, 2018

Oil on canvas - One of a kind original artwork

28" x 28" (72cm x 72cm) unavailable
Zoom Sunrise Blackfriars Bridge, 2018

Sunrise Blackfriars Bridge, 2018

Oil on canvas - One of a kind original artwork

36" x 36" (91cm x 91cm) unavailable
Zoom Rome, First Light, 2017

Rome, First Light, 2017

Oil on canvas - One of a kind original artwork

38" x 60" (97cm x 152cm) unavailable
Zoom First Coffee, 2016

First Coffee, 2016

Oil on canvas - One of a kind original artwork

30" x 30" (76cm x 76cm) unavailable

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