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Christian VOIGT
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Born in Munich, Germany, Christian Voigt lives and works in Hamburg and The South of France. His current studio is situated in Hamburg.

Christian Voigt works with large-format cameras, both digital and analogue. He experiments with new camera techniques and makes the best use of the digital medium. In the museum edition, his large-format pictures can measure as much as eight metres in width. But his strictly limited editions also come in sizes which customers and collectors can hang on walls of more modest sizes.

Christian Voigt has developed a language capable of telling new stories. He continually works to refine a pictorial idiom, the stories he wants to tell, the feelings he convey. This is visible in his pictures; Landscape and architecture are his principal areas of interest, but he also does portraits and nudes. The travels associated with his projects and places call for concentration, for the ability to get to grips with people, with their history and their religion.

His series on the vanished architecture of the past and its appearance in our own times come across just as vividly as the craziness of today’s societies that his images depict.

‘My pictures are created with the camera, not on the computer,’ he says, with a reference to the complicated technology and processing that goes into his creations. ‘But without the computer technology of today, the pictures couldn’t be crafted into their final form.’

Solo shows and Art Fairs have been staged in Basel, Hamburg, New York, Los Angeles, London, Saint Tropez, Amsterdam, Madrid.


Exhibition with Chayan Khoi, Château St. Amé, Saint-Tropez / France

Group show, Opera Gallery, New York / USA
Christian Voigt, Stadtpalais, Hamburg / Germany

Christian Voigt, Manny Silverman Gallery / Karl Hutter Fine Art, Los Angeles / USA
Arti 11, Den Haag / The Netherlands
Christian Voigt, Wanrooji Gallery, Arnhem / The Netherlands

Scope Basel, Basel / Switzerland
Scope Miami, Miami / USA
Christian Voigt, St. Tropez / France

Christian Voigt – Visions of infinity, Hamburg / Germany
London Art Fair, London / UK
Realisme 2013, Amsterdam / The Netherlands
Art at the Warehouse, Rotterdam / The Netherlands
Art 2013, Utrecht / The Netherlands
Scope Basel, Basel / Switzerland
Christian Voigt – Retrospective, Salsali Private Museum Dubai / UAE
Scope Miami Beach, Miami / USA
Christian Voigt – Visions of Infinity, Wanrooji Gallery, Amsterdam / The Netherlands
Christian Voigt, Bel-Air Fine Art, Gstaad / Switzerland

Christian Voigt – Atlantica, Centro de Arte, A Coruña / Spain
Art Miami, New York / USA
Christian Voigt, Bel-Air Fine Art, Geneva / Switzerland
Christian Voigt – Book Release & New Works, Wanrooji Gallery, Amsterdam / The Netherlands

Christian Voigt – Unix Gallery, Houston / USA
Christian Voigt – Unix Gallery, New York / USA
Photo España 2016 Festival - Lucía Mendoza Gallery, Madrid / Spain
Hublot Polo Gold Cup – Bel-Air Fine Art gallery, Gstaad / Switzerland
Inner Landscapes – Die Hamburg Gallery, Hamburg / Germany
Cologne Fair – Die Hamburg Gallery, Cologne / Germany
8e Avenue Art Fair – Bel-Air Fine Art Gallery, Paris / France

exhibitions :


Zoom Vault Interior I

Vault Interior I

Photography - Original edition of 12 ex

57" x 100" x 4" (145cm x 255cm x 10cm) available
Zoom The Morgan Library II

The Morgan Library II

Photography - Original edition of 7 ex

48" x 98" x 4" (122cm x 250cm x 10cm) available 71" x 33" (180cm x 84cm) available
Zoom Balaenoptera musculus

Balaenoptera musculus

Photography - Original edition of 12 ex

67" x 67" (170cm x 170cm) available


Zoom Everest Range - Nuptse

Everest Range - Nuptse

Photography - Original edition of 12 ex

71" x 35" (180cm x 90cm) available


Zoom Stegosaurus - Senckenberg Naturmuseum

Stegosaurus - Senckenberg Naturmuseum

Photography - Original edition of 12 ex

84" x 61" (213cm x 155cm) available

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