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It is in the heart of Paris Buttes-Chaumont where Johann Perathoner discovers the world. He soon realized his passion for drawing and cities worldwide. Thus, in 2000, at the age of 14, he made his first postcards published by “Cartes d’Art” aided and advised by his editor Bertrand Lehmann. Wishing to push his talent a little further, he decides to do what excites him, namely the 3D design with the aim of finding the masterful appearance of cities by offering colorful and three-dimensional works for an impressive result.
Passionate by the energy that cities offer, he takes his Canson paper and draws a city with a creative fulgurance: congested boulevards, lively squares, light commercials, sunny terraces, the architecture of buildings and thousands of interactions… Simply to provide a true immersion of the viewer. He orchestrates with talent, judicious choice of tones and surgical precision, leading to a work of exceptional visual quality, both in overview and in detail. Johann seeks to find the most spectacular positioning to explore a city ..
His works remind us inevitably of the work of ”Pop Art” artists like Charles Fazzino and James Rizzi but with a more realistic and detailed approach.
The developed technique is first based on a sheet of classic Canson pencil to determine which perspective to choose, then highlighted in black felt watercolor. Johann works detail after detail; each element is never planned in advance so that we can focus on the work and discover some surprising elements that make up the richness of a city. After a black and white scan in a laboratory comes the color : a day and night version for each work. ” Every city brings different emotions by day or by night. “I ‘m too attached to all environments to propose only one look”. Then comes the cutting of different layers to recreate the third dimension without forgetting the many visual effects (glitter, rhinestones, textures… ) which will arise from the drawing a

“real” stunning look. Each piece is approximately 1000 hours of work.
With the series “Window on the city”, it is the deep desire to have at home “a sample of town” hanging on the wall of his living room. It gives everybody the opportunity to contemplate a drawing with the same pleasure as when you admire a splendid view.
Johann Perathoner

exhibitions :


Zoom Nuit Dubaï

Nuit Dubaï

Mixed media - One of a kind original artwork

42" x 54" x 8" (106cm x 136cm x 20cm) available
Zoom London


Mixed media - One of a kind original artwork

42" x 75" (106cm x 190cm) available
Zoom New York by night

New York by night

Mixed media - One of a kind original artwork

17" x 22" x 3" (42cm x 55cm x 8cm) on request 45" x 56" x 7" (114cm x 141cm x 17cm) available 40" x 50" x 4" (102cm x 128cm x 10cm) on request 19" x 24" x 3" (47cm x 60cm x 7cm) available
Zoom Beirut - Zaituna Bay

Beirut - Zaituna Bay

Mixed media - One of a kind original artwork

29" x 35" x 3" (73cm x 88cm x 8cm) available

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