andriy halashyn

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Born in the Ukraine, first visiting Costa Rica with his father, a notable stained-glass artist. Once there, the sound artist fell in love and never looked back, making the country his home for the past 15 years. Today, Halashyn is a global sensation, exhibiting in notable galleries throughout the world. His lushly dystopian paintings have a rich cosmopolitan touch with references to high-end popular culture, fashion, and advertising. His use of oils, when rendering, have a graphic and color-saturated appeal, while collage-like compositions juxtapose flights of fancy with harsh reality checks. Over the course of several bodies of work, Halashyn has explored the drastic contrasts between media streams and the everyday realities of life all with a flair for the dramatic both in color and composition. His work has earned him several awards both in Costa Rica and the Ukraine.

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