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Veasey's works hold up as classic examples of the fusion between art and science. The results go beyond the work of photography, possessing qualities that encourage scientific institutions and art galleries to acquire them. The Victoria and Albert Museum in London recently added his work to the British National Collection of Photography. Nick regularly exhibits in major art galleries around the world.

In today's world obsessed with image, superficiality and artifice, Veasey counters such trivial distractions by looking inside and discovering what things are actually made of. Through his work, the pictorial metaphors appear numerous and varied. Their content remains very relevant in a modern society that makes extensive use of X-ray technology for security and surveillance purposes.

The artist's work, certainly considered a project that exploits and masters modern technology, institutes new limits to perception and art. So what distinguishes Veasey is not only technical. Instead of transforming, he exposes what has always been: objects that we thought we knew.

Creating through radiation remains complex and dangerous, but the results continually encourage Nick to continue and experiment. His inspirations come in many forms: flora, fauna, a teddy bear, ordinary objects such as shoes, an ice cream cone and even a classic Morris Mini. Everything that surrounds us, everything that is tangible and palpable feeds his breath.

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X-Ray series

Zoom 1970 Mini Driver, 2012 (S)

1970 Mini Driver, 2012 (S)

C-Print on diasec - Edition of 25 ex + 2 AP

28" x 47" (71cm x 119cm) available
Zoom Ariel Model E, 2014 (L)

Ariel Model E, 2014 (L)

C-Print on diasec - Edition of 5 ex + 2 AP

47" x 91" (119cm x 230cm) available
Zoom Boombox, 2015 (S)

Boombox, 2015 (S)

C-Print on diasec - Edition of 25 ex + 2 AP

24" x 24" (60cm x 60cm) available
Zoom Chanel Packing Heat, 2015 (L)

Chanel Packing Heat, 2015 (L)

C-Print on diasec - Edition of 9 ex + 2 AP

47" x 47" (119cm x 119cm) available
Zoom Loser Skull, June 2015

Loser Skull, June 2015

C-Print on diasec - Edition of 10 ex + 2 AP

27" x 23" x 2" (68cm x 58cm x 4cm) available
Zoom Finger with Watch, 2019 (M)

Finger with Watch, 2019 (M)

C-Print on diasec - Edition of 25 ex + 2 AP

30" x 23" x 1" (75cm x 59cm x 2cm) available

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