Find a rich selection of contemporary sculptures in bronze, resin, aluminum and wood. Indoors or outdoors, these works will undoubtedly provide you with rich emotions on a daily basis. Discover the works of Jeff Koons, Carole Feuerman, Richard Orlinski, Fred Allard and Annalù, but also Paul Sibuet, Peppone, Julien Marinetti, Idan Zareski, Eddy Maniez, Chloé B, and many others.

optical art

The term “Op Art” is used for the first time in 1964. It defines a movement that plays with the visual perception of the viewer by producing images that seem to move, distorting the perspective, which imprint another image in our retinas. Discover the works of Patrick Hughes, inventor of the "reverspective", or the kinetic art of Patrick Rubinstein, but also the lenticular illusions of the photographer Cécile Plaisance, the photomosaics of Joel Moens de Hase, and many other works heiresses to Op Art.


Bel-Air Fine Art offers you a selection of show stopping works, produced by artists with international influence. Discover the contemporary universe of sculptors Fred Allard, Annalù, Paul Sibuet, Peppone and Idan Zareski but also the work of Joseph, Cédric Bouteiller, Marco Grassi and many others!


Hyperrealism first appeared in the United States in 1970 at the height of abstraction, minimalism, and conceptual art. Some artists then opted for a more realistic, descriptive approach to paintings and sculptures by making them true to life. Let yourself be surprised by the iconic works of this movement, mainly the sculptures by Carole Feuerman, pioneer of this movement - alongside Duane Hanson and John D'Andrea.


Find a selection of works by the greatest masters of contemporary art. New realists Arman and Yves Klein, including Robert Indiana, representative of Pop-Art or Jeff Koons, the king of neo-pop kitsch, these artists have marked the history of art through their masterpieces today.

Neo-Pop Art

Using the pop-art methods of the 1960s, neo-pop appeared on the New York art scene at the end of the 1980s. Discover the work of the heirs of this movement: the unmissable Jeff Koons, but also Richard Orlinski, Patrick Rubinstein, Peppone, Auguste and Chloé B. Immerse yourself in contemporary pop and colourful works of art!

New Realism

The New Realists are a group of European artists created by the art critic Pierre Restany in 1960. It brings together artists such as César, Yves Klein, Arman, Niki de Saint Phalle, Daniel Spoerri and Jean Tinguely around a common statement “new realism = new perceptual approaches to reality”. Bel-Air Fine Art invites you to discover the selection of works specific to this movement

street art

During the 1980s a new type of art appeared, the first to utilise urban space: graffiti art. Very quickly, the tags turn into visual masterpieces, and urban art uses a large number of various media, stickers, posters, stencils. The greatest works of Street-Art are on Bel-Air Fine Art: find paintings, serigraphs or sculptures by Mr Brainwash, Alec Monopoly, Onemizer, Jonone and the iconic street-artist Banksy.

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