stefano bombardieri

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Born in 1968 in Brescia, Italy.

He spent part of his childhood in the workshop of his father, himself a sculptor. It is here that he experimented with the use of artistic techniques and materials by developing very original applications.

Influenced naturally by his father, he is also influenced by great masters of art such as: Boccioni, Balla, painters of the futurist movement, Henry Moore, sculptor of the beginning of the XXth century, or Piero Manzoni. Stefano Bombardieri starts from a figurative approach to advance in the conceptual. To arrive at a more profound work, he approaches the world of Piero Manzoni.

He has participated in numerous group and solo exhibitions in Italy and Europe.

He is interested in all forms of art from the world of design to applied art.

His creative subjects are based on a philosophical approach, the artist speaks of pain, present in Western culture, of time and its perception. Even if his work is based more and more on an inner research of the notion of aesthetics, his works are still linked to the hyperrealist movement, his work is qualified: heterogeneous, minimal, conceptual, featuring the use of a great mix of tools and artistic mediums, such as the video-installation which is recurrent in his current work.

His sculptures are quite believable, in other words they have an absolutely realistic presence, made of meticulously rendered details, plastic perfection of mimesis, balanced stylistic complacency. And yet it is "their" truth itself, their truer-than-life aspect that makes them surreal, even disturbing.

This artist's rhinoceroses, sumo wrestlers, and many other possible subjects almost take on the appearance of fossils frozen in a synthetic, artificial fixity. A parallel life so perfect and incorruptible that it provokes amazement. But in the end it is only art, the magic of art that makes these alchemies possible and the works of Stéfano Bombardieri take us by the hand, with an apparent lightness, pleasantly enchanted, towards concepts like the one of the relationship between reality and fiction, of life and its duplicate, so actual today but omnipresent in the atavistic collective imagination, and fundamental matter of the reflection on art and on its language.


Frammenti (2005) mostra personale Galleria Alain Couturier e Maretti Arte Nizza - Nizza
Arte e vita (2005) collettiva di scultura a Potsdam - 2° premio - Berlino
L'arte del circo (2005) marchina arte contemporanea - Brescia
Premio maretti" (2005) memorial valerio riva Galleria d'Arte Contemporanea di San Marino - rep. di San Marino
Bombardieriland (2005/2006) Mostra personale Museo Michetti - Francavilla al Mare
Freestyle (2006) Welcome to bombardieriland - Marchina Arte Contemporanea - Brescia
Bombardieriland (2006) mostra personale ga.m. Faenza - Faenza (ra)
Stefano Bombardieri (2006) mostra personale Galleria ca' d'oro - Roma
Una balena in darsena (2006) installation temporanea - Darsena di Milano
"Arte fiera Verona" 2006 - Verona
"Il settimo splendore" La modernità della malinconia 2007 -Palazzo della ragione - Verona
"Decouvertes 2007" 52' Salon de Montrouge Contemporary Art 2007 - Parigi
"Stefano Bombardieri "mostra personale ( 2007) -Linz Austria ultimate mostre
"52' Biennale di Venezia " sulle vie di damasco - Padiglione Siriano 2007
Philippe Pastor & Stefano Bombardieri 2007 Saint Tropez
Man Ray & Stefano Bombardieri 2007 - Ferrara

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Zoom Bagaglio rhino mini

Bagaglio rhino mini

Bronze sculpture - Original edition 8 ex + 4 AP

8" x 12" x 7" (20cm x 30cm x 17cm) available
Zoom Disposable mirror - bronze doré

Disposable mirror - bronze doré

Aluminium sculpture - Limited edition 20 ex

20" x 8" x 8" (50cm x 20cm x 20cm) available
Zoom Elefante 1/2

Elefante 1/2

Bronze sculpture - Original edition 8 ex + 4 AP

15" x 22" x 12" (37cm x 57cm x 30cm) available
Zoom Bagaglio crocodile

Bagaglio crocodile

Bronze sculpture - Original edition 8 ex + 4 AP

15" x 34" x 14" (37cm x 87cm x 35cm) available
Zoom Poltrona rhino

Poltrona rhino

Fiber glass sculpture - Original edition 8 ex + 4 AP

37" x 51" x 51" (95cm x 130cm x 130cm) available
Zoom Pneu vanité blanc

Pneu vanité blanc

Bronze sculpture - Original edition 8 ex + 4 AP

20" x 14" x 14" (50cm x 35cm x 35cm) available
Zoom In & out

In & out

Bronze sculpture - Original edition 8 ex + 4 AP

31" x 24" x 31" (80cm x 60cm x 80cm) available
Zoom Tribute to group site

Tribute to group site

Bronze sculpture - Original edition 8 ex + 4 AP

12" x 5" x 10" (31cm x 12cm x 26cm) available
Zoom Il peso del tempo sospeso rhino moyen

Il peso del tempo sospeso rhino moyen

Bronze sculpture - Original edition 8 ex + 4 AP

21" x 12" x 21" (54cm x 30cm x 53cm) available 21" x 12" (54cm x 30cm) available 24" x 18" x 26" (62cm x 45cm x 66cm) available 28" x 16" x 26" (70cm x 40cm x 65cm) available
Zoom Il peso del tempo sospeso rhino 220

Il peso del tempo sospeso rhino 220

Bronze sculpture - Original edition 8 ex + 4 AP

87" x 108" x 24" (220cm x 275cm x 60cm) available 108" x 24" x 87" (275cm x 60cm x 220cm) available

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